How to Shrink your Brain

I’m lucky!  I’m a chiropractor and I get to bend, twist, pull, and push all day.  But a lot of jobs require sitting in front of a computer for several million hours a day, and a new study just published in the Public Library of Science found all of that sitting can...

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How to Avoid those Costly Repairs

We all know the importance of maintenance.  Whether we are talking about our home, our vehicle, or even our teeth, maintenance is something most of us do without question or even giving much thought to.  Most of us get our oil changed before the car breaks down,...

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My Greatest Challenge

“I’ll sure be glad when all of this is over”.  My mom said to me as I was preparing to head out on my longest training run.  I asked her what she meant.  She replied, “It seems as though you haven’t enjoyed any of this.  You’ve complained about the whole process”.  It...

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Does size really matter?

All These Women Are Olympic Athletes!! This photo is from the 2004 Olympics when there was a campaign to address the issue of fitness coming in different sizes and shapes. Several U.S. Olympic athletes were lined up so we could see their different body shapes along...

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A New Take on Osteoporosis

Did you know in 10 years your skeleton will be completely rebuilt? Pretty amazing right? Most of us don't realize it but our bones are alive, and constantly under construction.  In this post we'll review what bones need to stay healthy, what osteoporosis is, and give...

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My 30 days of CrossFit

First and foremost I would like to thank all of you for your interest in my CrossFit experiment. The feedback I have received has been personally motivating and helped me stay accountable to my goals. My Confession As most of you who follow this blog know, I have been...

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