Insurance & Payment

Dealing with insurance companies can be confusing. Don’t sweat it, we are here to assist you through all steps of your care. We have provided you a brief overview of payment options so you know exactly what to expect.

Health Insurance Plans

Many patients have health insurance. During your first visit, our BCA front office staff will ask you for your insurance card and photo ID to copy. This will allow us to verify insurance coverage and benefits, as well as obtain any authorization information.

Most insurance policies apply a portion of each visit to be patient responsibility, in the form of a deductible, co-pay, and/or co-insurance amount.

Cash Plans

Payment for services is expected at the time of your visit. If we are not billing insurance, we can offer you a 20% discount when full payment is made each visit. We accept cash, checks, debit and all credit cards.


  • Referrals: Medicare does not require a medical referral for chiropractic care. Your chiropractor will examine you and recommend a treatment plan. Your condition will be re-evaluated every 4-6 weeks to determine whether there is need for further care.
  • Rules and regulations pertaining to Medicare billing for chiropractic care:  We will bill Medicare. Medicare will only pay for chiropractic adjustments they determine to be “reasonable and necessary” and related to an acute condition. If Medicare denies any adjustment or service, your secondary insurance will most likely not cover the services.
  • Reimbursement Regulations: Medicare regulations will not reimburse for the following: Exams, Rehab Procedures such as Exercise Training, Massage, X-rays, or Supports. Although they will usually pay for chiropractic adjustments/treatments, they may not pay for all treatments within a certain time period. Non-covered services will be charged directly to you and you will be responsible for payment. Please see Medicare Waiver.

Work Injuries / Labor & Industries

If injured at work you may choose a chiropractor to treat your spine related injury and serve as your attending physician. We will bill L&I or the worker compensation carrier. An accepted claim pays 100% of treatment charges. If not accepted, your health insurance will be billed.

We will re-evaluate your condition every 60 days and send the report to L&I or the appropriate work comp carrier to authorize continued care.

Auto Accident

We will send PIP claims to your auto insurance company. If the accident was not your fault, this will not raise your rates or cost your company any money. These carriers usually pay 100% of billed charges. If your carrier does not, we will notify you. You will be responsible for unpaid charges. If you were a pedestrian, passenger, or bicyclist injured in an auto accident, we will send claims to the driver’s auto insurance first. You will need a claim number and the adjuster’s name and phone number that was assigned to your claim. If you do not have PIP, your health insurance may pay the claims. Please check with them to ensure coverage. We will send regular progress notes to the auto insurance company regarding your treatment and progress.


Monthly statements will be sent to you showing payment details on your account. Please keep us updated with any changes of address or insurance information.

We are always ready and willing to assist you with any questions regarding insurance billing, please feel free to contact us: 425.641.8052 or email us.

Note: Accounts 90 days past due will be charged a monthly finance charge. A fee of $25 will be charged for returned checks.

Chiropractors are Preferred Providers With Most Major Insurance Carriers

Massage therapists are not contracted with insurance carriers.

Premera Blue Cross
Regence Blue Shield
First Choice Health
United Healthcare

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