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Thinking of Referring?

Trust your patients with one of Bellevue’s most respected chiropractic clinics. We have provided safe and effective spinal manipulation and spine care to thousands of patients for more than 30 years.

Why You Should Refer to Us

  • Safety First: Chiropractic manipulation is safe and effective for lower back pain, chronic neck pain and headaches.
  • Cost Effective: Patients have chiropractic coverage under most plans. We are approved providers for most insurance plans including L&I
  • Easy Access: In most cases, patients have same day access to our care. No pre-authorization is necessary for chiropractic care. You send your patients directly to us.
  • Team Work: We help your patients get better through chiropractic manipulation. We respect our role and the skills of other providers in helping the patient get better.
  • Communication: We offer initial & progress reports to keep you informed, as well as explaining to patients the nature of their condition and answering their questions.

We are Different!

  • We know when to treat and when not to treat! Our years of clinical experience and evidence-guided treatments help us determine who is most likely to respond and whether manipulation will be safe and effective.
  • At BCA we know what we do best! We excel at manual spinal adjustments that safely and gently free-up restricted joint motion in the spine.
  • We are experts at providing the most effective chiropractic techniques appropriate for the patient’s age and condition.
  • We are team players! We communicate! We report findings, treatment plans, and the patient’s clinical results to you.
  • We use a medical model for determining the extent of chiropractic care!

Conditions that Respond Best

  • Acute and chronic neck and low back pain.
  • Cervicogenic headaches.
  • Sacro-iliac pain.
    Thoracic and costo-vertebral pain.
  • Patients not responding to other forms of conservative care.
  • Patients needing concurrent physical therapy and chiropractic treatment.

What Patients Should Expect

  • We may be a little different than they expect. We are thorough and thoughtful. Our staff is professional, experienced, and respectful.
  • We take time to explain the nature of their condition and answer questions.
  • We do not promote dependency on chiropractic care.


  • Safe, evidence-guided chiropractic treatments to restore spinal joint mobility.
  • We excel at manual adjustments/manipulation when safe and appropriate for the patient and the condition. Precise high-velocity, low-amplitude (HVLA) adjustments provide the most effective way to free-up restricted spinal joint motion.
  • Manual mobilization and lower-force chiropractic techniques can be used in-lieu of, or compliment to, the manual adjustments.
  • Lumbar flexion-distraction for disc decompression.
  • Adjunctive treatment may include manual traction, heat/ice, massage, and soft tissue methods (myofascial release and neuro-muscular facilitation).
  • Stability and motion-control exercises for the spine are integrated into the treatment through one-on-one training. We coordinate exercise rehab with their PT if under concurrent care.

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