It’s that time of year when your insurance deductible may have been met! Finally, after all that out-of- pocket pay, now may be the right time to get the affordable care you need. Be smart! Call our office today for an appointment and get back on the right track. Here is some information you may not know regarding your benefits and health insurance….


  • Has your insurance benefit for chiropractic care run out? Good news! Chiropractic care is the most affordable of all health care services. In fact, your co-pay may be more than our visit charge. Take advantage of our willingness to help those who have exhausted their benefit. Call now and find out how we can help.
  • Have you heard of “Phantom Benefits”? That’s when your insurance promises you chiropractic care but you never meet the very high deductible and your co-pays are more than the cost of the office visit. Bottom line? …..all the cash is out of your own pocket. Smoke and mirrors!? We recommend you talk to your HR manager about these issues and how you can get chiropractic care covered fairly.
  • Welcome to “Pre-authorization World”. This is a new world where your provider is required to get permission from the insurance company to give you care. Several major health insurance companies in our area have embraced this approach in an effort to limit access to care. We’re sure you’ll love it. We certainly will. It’s so efficient and fun filling out forms and calling agents while neglecting the most important thing…..You! “Why let some insurance company bureaucrat decide if and when you need care? That should be a decision between you and your doctor. Take charge of your own health.” 

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