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About BCA

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We are Bellevue's most trusted chiropractic clinic. For over 30 years we have safely and effectively administered over 1 million chiropractic procedures.

You and your spine deserve great care! After all, your spinal health is critically important to your overall health.
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New Patients


Welcome! If you have never been seen by a chiropractor, you may have some questions or reservations about what you will experience. If you have been seen by a chiropractor in the past, we may be a little different than what you expect.

For the first visit wear comfortable fitting clothing. This appointment is used to evaluate your candidacy for chiropractic care. Find out what to expect »

Treatments & Services


We use a number of highly-effective approaches to get you back to life! The approach we use for you is based on our judgment and years of experience to help improve spinal biomechanics and reduce nervous system interference. At BCA the latest and best treatments and services are utilized to restore spine mobility, strength, and balance—getting you effectively and efficiently back to what you like and need to do. Spinal injury and massage therapy »